Syracuse inmate’s claims he was attacked by jail deputy might get him set free

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — An inmate’s claims that he was attacked by a deputy assigned to the Onondaga County Justice Center jail were enough to convince a judge that a nominal bail should be set for his freedom.

33-year-old Ozell Stanley stood before a judge with an attorney at his side, who requested that he be let out on bail to “go get the medical care that he needs.”

The inmate’s friends and family say he was “beaten” and “attacked” by a deputy, which resulted in his hospitalization.

Onondaga County Court Judge Mary Anne Doherty, who did not allow NewsChannel 9 or any news organization to record the proceedings, gave the inmate what he and his attorney requested: $2,500 for each bail, bond, or partially secured bond.

With her decision, the judge denied the suggested bail of $30,000 and up requested by the Onondaga County District Attorney’s Office

A spokesperson for the Onondaga County Sheriff, who oversees the jail, confirms a “dispute” between the inmate and a deputy happened on Sunday, January 21, but did not provide details about the incident.

The agency confirms Stanley was taken to the emergency room, where he was not admitted, but stayed for 24 hours. At least one return trip to the hospital was made in the days after.

The sheriff’s office confirms the required report was made to New York State’s Commission of Corrections immediately, but the sheriff himself wasn’t informed of the Sunday incident until Wednesday. Sheriff Toby Shelley has since asked his internal affairs unit to review what happened and review jail surveillance video, his spokesperson confirmed to NewsChannel 9.

The incident wasn’t Stanley’s first fight in jail.

Court records alleged he punched a deputy in November, breaking the officer’s eyeglasses and cutting his eyebrow.

Stanley was in jail on a total of 13 pending charges.

On October 11, 2023, at an address near the Armory Square restaurant L.M. Social, Stanley is accused of using “his closed first to punch the victim several times,” then “kick the victim several times,” before police said he “ripped out the victim’s left earring causing her ear lobe to split.”

The same day, he’s accused of using a vacuum as a weapon and “throw it at the victim,” hitting her several times and then saying he “was going to kill her,” court paperwork states.

At that point, it appears a court order was put in place banning him from the restaurant or to be near the victim.

Despite the order of protection, Stanley is accused of returning eight days later. Police wrote he “threatened that he would be getting a gun and coming back to ‘blow everyone’s brains out.’”

He was charged with making a terroristic threat.

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