Syracuse Fire Department bears bitter temperatures

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) – All it takes is something accidentally bumping into a space heater to send a home up in flames. 

“If you’re using a space heater make sure that the cord you plug it into the wall is rated for that type of appliance, make sure that if you are using a space heater anything combustible is kept you know a safe distance away,” District Chief Matt Craner said. 

Making sure your space heater is being used properly will not only keep your home safe but also keep firefighters from bearing the brutal elements. 

“We’re constantly monitoring conditions, particularly in a situation like that where we were flowing a lot of water we want to make sure that we’re keeping those roads and sidewalks as ice-free as we can but everyone at the scene is moving with a little bit of extra understanding that they need to be a little more careful because we know it’s going to be icy and slippery,” Craner said. 

Most people know what it’s like to drive in the snow and the bitter cold and it’s no different for a fire truck. The Syracuse Fire Department wants to remind you that when you hear a siren or see a truck on the road make sure you get out of the way to help them get to their call easier.

“When we’re trying to go to an alarm, we try to take into account not only our safety but the safety of other drivers on the road and that becomes a little more intense if you’ve got sloppy road conditions that we tend to see around here,” Craner said. 

The wintry weather is nothing new for Syracuse Firefighters, just another thing to prepare for. 

“A lot of times when we know there’s a cold snap coming in, when we know we’ve got a snowstorm coming in we’ll check and make sure that all our gear is ready to go. during the wintertime we carry, every apparatus carries a couple of buckets of salt you know for those situations where we might you know have sidewalks or roads freezing up if we’re going to be on the scene for a while.”

Firefighters are working to keep you safe so they can spend less time-fighting fires in the cold and snow.  

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