Syracuse Common Councilor addresses gun violence one year after Brexi’s murder

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — A solemn night of remembrance.

“I don’t want this to be a sad moment. I’ll try my best. We’re not here to remember her death, we are here to remember her life,” said Brenlee Ortiz, Brexi’s mother.

Syracuse rallying behind Brexialee Torres Ortiz’s family Tuesday night to honor her memory.

It was one year ago that Brexi’s life was taken.

“She’s over there in a better place with god,” Ortiz said. “She’s still with us every step of the way.”

Over the last year, the city working to reduce gun violence through the Safer Streets Program.

An effort was approved in August 2023, targeting violence coming from gangs.

Rita Paniagua was one of the Syracuse Common Council members to approve it.

“We all hope it will really help address the need of having our streets safer for our kids and our people,” she said.

Paniagua adds when it comes to addressing violence in the city — people can’t stay silent.

“I think one of the things where we fall short in this community and at large is that when we have information about certain cases people are afraid to speak,” she said. “Things can be solved quicker and differently if we were able to count on that support from the community.”

The community continues to rally in Brexi’s memory, so no other family ever has to suffer such pain.

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