State of the State: Hochul targets mental health

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — With the mental health of many New Yorkers at issue, Gov. Kathy Hochul laid out several relavent proposals in the State of the State docuement that accompanied her address on Tuesday. She said her plan will revolutionize mental health infrastructure to connect people with resources that can help them.

Linking mental health to public safety, Hochul noted that troubled individuals who commit violent acts often fall through the cracks of society, particularly after discharge from a medical facility. To that end, she proposes 200 new psychiatric inpatient beds and specialized housing for people with serious mental illness and criminal history.

Hochul further proposed training to help law enforcement better understand mental health, intervene during crises, and coordinate with community-based mental health teams. She said that New York’s mental health courts will be expanded and increased, and supervision of parolees should become more intense.

Aiming at better mental health outcomes for young people Hochul proposed new mental health clinics in schools that want them, expanded peer-to-peer support, and youth mental health advisory boards. She flagged limiting damaging social media features as a step in the right direction, alongside developing those social media resources that benefit youth and caregivers

Hochul underlined a need to expand mental health insurance coverage while holding insurers accountable. To that end, her proposals included increasing reimbursement rates for mental health services in Department of Health facilities, at private practices and among commercial insurers.

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