School resource officer resigns after leaving behind gun in bathroom

NEDROW, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — A school resource officer assigned to Rockwell Elementary in the Onondaga Central School District has resigned after leaving his duty belt with a gun on the floor of a bathroom of the school building.

Marcellus Police Chief Bernard Podsiedlik, who oversees the school resource officer program for the Onondaga Central School District, confirms the incident to NewsChannel 9.

The officer involved is Robert Wicks, the former police chief and former supervisor of the Town of Lysander. 

On Thursday, January 18, the chief says Wicks was changing from his uniform to civilian clothes in a staff bathroom after school hours when he left behind the belt.

A school employee who found the belt alerted the building principal, who alerted the superintendent.

The chief says Wicks accepted responsibility, understood the gravity of the mistake, and resigned. 

Chief Podsiedlik says a review of the incident resulted in a change of policy. School resource officers have to wear their duty belt to and from their school assignments and not change into civilian clothes.

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