Pothole problems popping up across CNY

CAMILLUS, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — For Central New York, pothole season is all year round. Crews are trying to keep up, repairing potholes throughout the city and county.

Potholes are popping up and popping tires across Central New York.

“We’ve seen a flat tire yesterday. Last week we saw a broken sway bar link. We consistently do alignments to fix it because of potholes. So all types of different stuff,” said Dante Johnson, store manager at Dunn Tire in Camillus.

Keeping phones ringing and business booming at body shops like Dunn Tire in Camillus. The body repair shop gets at least one call a day from customers with a pothole problem.

“We just got a phone call yesterday. A customer blew out a tire just potholes… everywhere,” said Johnson.

For Central New York.. it doesn’t matter the time of year.

“Usually the snow hides it a little bit more. But even when it’s not snowing, it’s ridiculous,” said Johnson.

Repairs can be ridiculously expensive, especially if your car is all-wheel drive.

“Even though he hit a pothole and it only affected one tire. It now affects all four because the rest of its tires are worn. So he’s stuck in a bind,” said Johnson.

Spending a thousand dollars or more on four new tires is a pothole problem you don’t want to ignore.

“If you are in a position where you got your kids in the car and your tire just explodes. Now you’re stuck in a situation where it could cause an accident,” said Johnson.

It doesn’t matter the size of the pothole, big or small, your tires could suffer substantial damage.

“Either damage to a tire, damage to a vehicle, or damage to a rim. All types of stuff, and it can get dramatically expensive, the worst it is,” said Johnson.

For crews in the city of Syracuse, they are filling on average 25 potholes a day, strongly relying on the public.

“We want them to call us and let us know where they are at so we can fill them. It’s a huge help from the problem,” said Kevin Hunter, Superintendent of Street Repair at Syracuse DPW.

Click here to learn how you can report a pothole.

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