Oneida Lake ice not thick enough to support winter sports enthusiasts

BREWERTON, N. Y. (WSYR-TV) — Our recent cold spell may have some winter sports enthusiasts thinking it’s safe to head out on Oneida Lake for ice fishing or snowmobiling, but even though it may look frozen, the ice is still not thick enough.

Scott Whiting, president of the Brewerton Fire Department, told NewsChannel 9, “It’s not just you that you’re putting in danger. You’re putting all the first responders, fire, police and even bystanders might try to go out and save you.”

Whiting explained, “Hypothermia can last up to an hour before you go into a very deep sleep, and, eventually, you go unconscious. We’ll have time to get to you if you hold onto the ice shelf. If you hang on and stay on the ice shelf, we can get you out, but you’re not getting yourself out because after 5 minutes, your legs, your hands, your arms, they’re just not going to move.”

Reminding Central New Yorkers that even though people might think it is ok to head out there, Whiting says, “Please just wait. We will get some ice out there.” But that much ice is not here yet.

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