‘Oh my God!’: Video captures firetruck sliding down icy Missouri street



JEFFERSON COUNTY, Mo. (KTVI) – Freezing rain coated streets across the St. Louis region with ice Sunday night into Monday, resulting in several car accidents and ER trips for people attempting to navigate the dangerous conditions in their vehicles.

Even first responders were not immune from Mother Nature’s wrath, as videos recorded Monday morning captured the moment a firetruck from the Rock Community Fire Protection District spun out of control and nearly slammed into homes in a Jefferson County subdivision.

 “Oh my God!” a woman exclaims as the firetruck starts to spin out of control on the icy road. 

The crash happened in the 1700 block of Parkside Place, just west of Imperial.

Neighbors Joe Lawson and Katelynn Voisey recorded videos of the firetruck losing traction on the slick, sloping road and turning a full 360 degrees before clipping a parked car.

Fortunately, striking the car diverted the truck and kept it from smashing into a home at the bottom of the slope. Instead, video shows the truck gliding across the driveway before coming to rest in the grass between two homes.

No injuries were reported.

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