Newsmakers: Micron’s Community Engagement Committee

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Nearly 8,000 people have already shared their opinions with Micron’s Central New York Community Engagement Committee, or CEC for short.

The group of local leaders is designed to facilitate conversations about how Micron should invest its money into the community.

As part of the $100 billion project in the Town of Clay, the company has pledged millions to be spent far outside the construction zone. Micron has put forth $250 million and New York State has given its own $100 million.

On this week’s Newsmakers, NewsChannel 9’s Andrew Donovan interviews the committee’s co-chairs, Melanie Littlejohn and Tim Penix.

This is funding beyond construction, like investments in healthcare, child care, education, workforce development, etc.

To watch the broadcast, click on the video player to the right of the title of this post.

For more on the Committee’s work, check out its website. You can take the survey online too.

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