New device to help prevent a cardiac arrest introduced at St. Joseph’s Health Hospital

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — A surgeon at St. Joseph’s Health has just given the first two patients in the northeast outside of a clinical trial, a new defibrillator.

It’s called the Aurora EV-ICD by Medtronic.

Dr. Ali Al-Mudamgha tells NewsChannel 9 it’s a new tool that’s opening doors for patients.

He says a traditional defibrillator has a wire in the bloodstream, which can end up causing issues down the road. This one does not.

“If you look at patients, over the course of 8-10 years after they get a defibrillator, 5-40% of them will have some type of wire-related complication,” he said. “We had another type of defibrillator where the wire was just placed under the skin, but that didn’t have all the same capabilities as the one that goes into the bloodstream. This one has the exact same capabilities, so it’s a major improvement for us.”

Now, he says they’re able to put in the device and tell patients they will hopefully live for several more decades without worrying if the wire will break. They’ll just have to replace the battery after about 12 years.

One of the first two patients to get the device at St. Joe’s says it was no big deal and he’s glad he did it.

“If you don’t have someone there to perform CPR, I mean your risk of death goes up dramatically,” said Kenneth Cornelius. “I wanna be able to shock myself back, I don’t want to die.”

Instead of sitting under the collarbone like a traditional defibrillator, this one sits on the patient’s left side.

Dr. Muhammah Migeed with St. Joseph’s Health is also being trained on the procedure and will soon be able to start performing it.

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