Lil Nas X Takes on the Role of Moses in New ‘J CHRIST’ Teaser

Lil Nas X is continuing his teasers for his upcoming single, “J CHRIST,” and he took to Instagram on Thursday (Jan. 11) to share another teaser from the accompanying music video.

In the clip, the 24-year-old star is seen portraying Moses parting the Red Sea. “Behold his mighty hand,” a narrator is heard saying in the background. See the clip here.

Earlier in the week, Lil Nas posted another music video teaser, in which celebrity look-alikes of stars including Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Kanye West, Mariah Carey, Oprah and Barak Obama are seen walking through a field, ascending up a stairway to the gates of heaven.

In his initial “J CHRIST” announcement, the musician shared the cover art featuring himself taking Jesus’ place on a crucifix as five bystanders begin to raise him off the ground. A second video clip sees him nailed to a gold cross that suddenly transforms into a mechanical suit complete with a halo. “MY NEW SINGLE IS DEDICATED TO THE MAN WHO HAD THE GREATEST COMEBACK OF ALL TIME,” Lil Nas wrote in his announcement.

After fans accused him of trolling, the “Industry Baby” star took to Instagram on Tuesday (Jan. 9) to share a photo of his acceptance letter to Liberty University, where he will be taking a dual concentration in Christian Leadership and Biblical Studies starting in the fall. “I know some of yall hate me right now but i want yall to know im literally about to go to college for biblical studies in the fall. Not everything is a troll! Anyways IM A STUDENT AGAIN! LETS GOOO,” he captioned the post, which you can check out here.

“J CHRIST” arrives on Friday (Jan. 12).

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