Lil Nas X Boasts He’s Going to Have the ‘Greatest Comeback of All Time,’ Shares When New Song Will Drop

Lil Nas X wants to start the new year off with a bang. On Wednesday (Jan. 3), the rapper tweeted an image that hints at his upcoming, self-proclaimed “Christian era” and gave fans a timeframe for a brand new song.


“New song and visual next week! – Official art dropping soon,” he revealed on the social media platform, adding an illustrated image of himself in locs and a priest’s robe, showing the hand movements for the Sign of the Cross, paired with the prayer “In the name of the father, and of the son and of the holy ghost.” In the illustration, the rapper performs the movements with one hand, while the other clutches the Montero logo.

The 24-year-old was busy on X, also sharing a tweet that read, “lol im really bout to have the greatest comeback of all time. hope yall ready for next week.”

In addition to the music updates, Lil Nas changed his X profile photo and header image to that of a hazel eye and a red iteration of his Montero logo. He also joked that “yall gotta let call me by your name go, me and the devil broke up 3 years ago” in response to a snippet of Dave Chapelle making fun of his “Montero” music video in the comedian’s new Netflix special.

While fans will need to wait until next week to hear Lil Nas X’s latest offering, the rapper gave a sneak peek back in November. On X, he asked fans, “Y’all mind if i enter my christian era ?” and provided a snippet of a new track: “Father stretch my hands/ The lonely road seems to last the longest,” he croons. “Help me with my plans/ Everything seems to go nowhere.”

See Lil Nas X’s tweets below.

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