Lele Pons, Harry Jowsey, Jared Leto & More Reveal Their 2024 New Year’s Resolutions | Billboard

Billboard caught up with a few of your favorite celebs to find out if they had any New Year’s resolutions for 2024.

Jared Leto:
Stop making resolutions because we all know you never do them. No, I think I actually like it in a weird way.

Coco Jones:
My New Year’s resolution is balance. I don’t want to feel like I’m chasing this fleeting dream. If I have confidence that everything will always be there, then I can be better balanced.

Mckenna Grace:
To be the best version of myself.

Put out some more music in 2024. Bam.

Landon Barker:
I want to start running. I want to start running every day, 30 minutes a day. I don’t understand why I can’t because I know I can.

Iann Dior:
Yeah, I’m actually starting to get into the gym, so I’m gonna try to stick with it actually this year and just really focusing on my health.

Jeannie Mai:
To really just take things one day at a time.

Work out way more. I’ve been working out a lot more so I love the way it’s making me feel.

Tour coming soon. I got a few tours coming soon. And I’m working on my new album so for sure.

Rania Aniftos:
Yeah, no shortage of Fridayy in 2024.

Facts. Facts.

Shameik Moore:
To be the best version of myself and inspire the world to be its best version of itself, you know, do my part.

Paul Russell:
I want to eat healthier, honestly, like I’ve been on the road now. And so I’m always in these random towns, and I just go to whatever’s next to me and I just, you know, I gotta… I can’t.

Harry Jowsey:
Learn how to dance.

Rania Aniftos:
Okay, okay, that’s a good one to know now after Dancing With The Stars.

Harry Jowsey:
Yeah, after the show’s done.

Lele Pons:
Trying to figure out… Me and my husband are trying to – we might have one. I might be pregnant actually. Me and my husband are trying to talk about it so you never know.

Rania Aniftos:
You never know. That’s what we’re hoping for in 2024, Baby Lele.

Lele Pons:
He would kill me but it’s gonna happen.

Rania Aniftos:
Alright, fingers crossed.

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