Jury delivers verdict in trial of Kevin Monahan

FORT EDWARD, N.Y. (NEWS10) — On Tuesday, a jury found Kevin Monahan guilty of second-degree murder, reckless endangerment in the first degree, and tampering with physical evidence. Monahan was accused of shooting and killing Kalyin Gillis in April 2023.

closing arguments were delivered from both sides in the trial for Kevin Monahan.

Gillis was a passenger in a car that mistakenly turned around in Monahan’s driveway in April 2023.

Monahan’s attorney, Arthur Frost, relied on the testimony of gun expert Victoria O’Conor as the basis of his final argument. The defense claims the gun malfunctioned and fired the deadly shot without Monahan pulling the trigger. “The gun will fire if you don’t pull the trigger”.

Monahan testified that he tripped on a nail on his deck, and the gun fell to the ground, causing it to fire. Frost said the test on the gun was done on a rubber mat and not a hard surface like Monahan’s deck.

Meanwhile, Assistant District Attorney Christian Morris focused on the timeline of events that night. “When those kids were up there, that gunshot was fired within 20 seconds of the lights coming on. 20 seconds means the lights are turned on at the door. Within 20 seconds, Monahan had walked out of his door to the northeast corner, looked down at the car, and fired the first shot, which is totally contrary to what he said on the stand.”

Testimony ended on Friday. The trial was postponed until Tuesday.

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