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Julia Michaels explains the stories behind these photos with Billboard.

Julia Michaels:
Hey, I’m Julia Michaels and I’m going Behind the Photo with Billboard.

Oh, this was really a special day. I was on the cover of Billboard magazine because all three of us were nominated for best new artist together at the Grammys. Well actually, I was woken up by my manager Beka, we were in Australia. We were on tour with Shawn Mendes. She woke me up by jumping on me to tell me that we were nominated for song of the year and best new artist that year. Yeah, this was a picture from Billboard, and I got to meet these two incredible people that are just such spectacular artists. It was a really, really special day.

Oh, you guys! It’s my mommy. Isn’t she gorgeous? That’s my mom, Julie. She’s Julie. I’m Julia. If I had to guess we were probably somewhere in Iowa, where I’m from. Yeah, my mom and I still hold hands like that. To be honest, I just turned 30 this year and anytime I go home to visit my mom, she’ll always walk in my room and be really can we snuggle and so yeah. I’m 30, I still snuggle my mom.

Hey, oh! Lots of people that know me know that Hot Cheetos are my drug. I got this plaque from Spotify, that “Issues” which was my first single reached a billion streams. I wrote the song about a really really, really sh–ty ex-boyfriend and it really worked out for me. Thank you.

LOL! This is Mr. Adam Levine. I toured with him as well. I opened for him. We’re still friends. This was 2018, I think, and we still talk to each other like once every two weeks. He’s basically like the brother I never wanted but somehow ended up with. I deeply deeply love him. I love you even though you’re an a–hole in the best way possible.

I mean, come on. Can we be a throuple? I actually have met Nicole a few times because I also toured with her husband, Keith Urban. I’ve written songs with him as well. I got to see her that night which was so fun and I got to meet him for the first time, Mr. Antoni, and so handsome. So handsome. It was a beautiful night. Also, it was in Nashville where all my family was so I got to have best of both worlds. I got to go see a lot of pretty people and I got to go spend time with my family, who are also very pretty people.

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