Jacob Elordi’s Sad Janitor Way Sadder After Please Don’t Destroy Unnecessarily Pimp His Ride in Cut ‘SNL’ Sketch

Jacob Elordi slipped into a lot of hilarious costumes during his inaugural run as Saturday Night Live host last weekend. But the Saltburn star’s best character work ended up on the cutting room floor as evidenced by the posting of a cut-for-time sketch parodying the 2004-2007 Xzibit-hosted MTV series Pimp My Ride.


Playing sad sack janitor Sergei, Elordi is going about his business when the viral video Please Don’t Destroy trio — John Higgins, Martin Herlihy and Ben Marshall — take pity on him after finding out that the mop man has a “busted” car that is too expensive to fix and has to take the bus to work. So, naturally, they accost Sergei at the bus stop and give him the worst surprise ever: a pimped-out “fully customized trash wagon” with all the features he never wanted.

At first a teary Sergei is overwhelmed with the kind gesture… until he sees the abomination the Destroy boys have cooked up for him. “What have you done?” a crestfallen Sergei asks as he casts his eyes on the pink and purple minivan with a trash can logo on the hood, toilet plunger and broom decals on the doors and a custom vanity plate reading “Sergei Da Trash King.”

But that’s not all.

“Cleaning is just job,” Sergei tries to explain in vain as the zero-experience customizers show off some of the other special features, including a Swiffer WetJet front bumper, the requisite LCD headrest monitors, giant subwoofers, a front console crock pop for on-the-go borscht cooking and, worst of all, no more room for his large family after the back seats were ripped out to make room for custom mop bucket holders.

“For what purpose?” a frustrated Sergei asks.

The piece ended with a special message from Xzibit: “Whatever you do, do not drive that f–king car!” Spoiler alert: Sergei should have listened to Xzibit.

Watch the Pimp My Ride sketch below.

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