‘It feels amazing!’: Bills fans watch team beat Steelers 31-17 at Harvey’s Garden

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR–TV) — Food, drinks and friends, that’s all these Buffalo Bills fans needed Monday night, Jan. 15, as they watched their beloved team take on the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Wild Card at Harvey’s Garden.

“This is the biggest crowd we’ve had here. I’ve worked a bunch of these, but we’ve got a ton of people here, perfect day for a game like this,” said bartender Ned Spencer.

The Bills were originally supposed to play Sunday, but the game was postponed due to all that lake effect snow impacting Western New York.

Monday’s contest came with some added anxiety.

“Anticipation had to build up with the extra day but fans seem to be loving it, throwing snowballs everywhere,” said Bills fan Mike Passalacqua. “You love to see it.”

And two fans found the game as a great way to debut some homemade merch!

“Well obviously around here there’s a lot of Bills fans. I have a lot of friends who are Bills fans, so I just started getting clothing from them, they were donating,” said Bills fan Scarlet Jaworski. “And there is a big market around here for Bills fans.”

Jaworski runs an online clothing shop using recycled clothing. You can find her products on Instagram at @Begonias_Clothing.

After beating the Steelers 31-17, Buffalo will host the Kansas City Chiefs next weekend.

And you can count on these fans to back up their Buffalo Bills after this big W!

“It feels amazing because all my friends promised me, they are staying with me next week for Bills versus Chiefs, that’s how good it feels,” said Gianna Zito, a Bills fan from Buffalo.

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