Humane Society doesn’t want Rome dog control doing direct adoptions

ROME, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The staff of the Humane Society of Rome was watching NewsChannel 9 on Wednesday, Jan. 24, when it was reported that the City of Rome’s dog control officers were doing direct adoptions to new owners.

The officers planned the adoptions to be a creative way to more quickly free up space for the barrage of incoming stray dogs, but the Humane Society feels there are some unintended consequences.

“It’s lost revenue if they don’t bring the dogs to us,” said Humane Society of Rome Board Chair Lynn Rosen. “We’ll work with them. We’ll find open cages because, one, it will help them, and, two, brings revenue to us.”

The dog control department says it doesn’t have enough space for incoming strays, so instead of burdening the Humane Society, the officers are marketing dogs in their care directly to new owners.

The Humane Society’s manager, Robin Genovese-Kaminski, said: “When I heard that, I said there’s more to it than just being turned away. ‘Turned away’ sounds like we weren’t willing to help or work together. I’m very proud of the way we have all worked together.”

The Humane Society is often full because it has contracts with many municipalities to take custody of stray dogs, many of which don’t have the temporary holding facilities the City of Rome now has.

But the Humane Society says it will always try to take another dog. The board president said: “Give us a day, two days. Give us a week. Cages always open up.”

She says no dog should have to wait in the City of Rome’s animal control facility for months.

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