Here we go again! Third storm for CNY in a week!

SYRACUSE, NY (WSYR-TV) – For the third time in a week, a strong storm system will impact central New York this weekend. Here is what you can expect:

  • Gusty southeast winds develop Friday evening, especially over higher terrain
  • Precipitation starts as snow Friday evening but quickly changes to rain as we warm
  • Colder air returns by Saturday afternoon
  • Gusty west or southwest winds with us Saturday pm into Sunday
  • Heavy lake effect snow east of Lake Ontario Saturday night/Sunday

Will the wind be as bad as Tuesday night?

That’s a good question because the storm headed our way is strong and is taking a very similar path to our most recent storm.

However, the data we’ve seen so far points toward a less windy outcome this time, but not by much.

Friday night there is a southeasterly wind that develops over us. But instead of 60-70 mph over the higher terrain look for winds in those locations on the order of 45-55 mph. Here in Syracuse and other lower elevations expect wind gusts closer to 40 mph Friday night.

Even these lower winds, though, would be enough to trigger Wind Advisories or High Wind Warnings as we get closer to Friday.

The wind dwindles a bit Saturday morning before it picks back up again as the storm pulls away Saturday evening. This is likely when we will see the strongest of the wind gusts of 40-50+ mph.

Could there still be wind damage this time?

While the wind is a bit less this time, any time you are gusting around 50 mph or greater that is enough to create damage and isolated power outages.

In addition, in areas there were hard hit Tuesday night, any trees and limbs that didn’t come down may have been weakened. They would be susceptible to Friday and Saturday nights’ gusty winds.

More wind damage and power outages are possible with this storm.

What precipitation can we expect this time?

With this storm taking a similar path to the Tuesday/Wednesday storm we expect the timeline to look similar precipitation-wise.

There should be some snow starting Friday evening between 8-10pm. From Syracuse southwest the snow doesn’t last long before it quickly changes over to rain around midnight. An inch or less of accumulation with some higher totals over the hills is likely.

Over the Tug Hill, the snow lasts longer into the night, so there could be 1 to 3 inches with some locally higher totals before changing to rain.

What about the rest of the weekend?

The backside of this storm plays out a bit differently.

Colder air comes at us more aggressively on Saturday, so there should be a faster changeover back to snow in the afternoon with a light accumulation possible to go along with gusty winds.

Even colder air comes in Saturday night and Sunday setting the stage for heavier lake effect snow. This is more localized snow and ends up concentrated north of Syracuse on a mainly westerly wind. That means parts of Oswego, Lewis, northern Oneida and Jefferson counties bear the brunt of the weekend snow. Someone in these counties ends up with a foot or two of new snow by the end of Sunday.

One side note: some lake effect will likely come off Lake Erie into the Finger Lakes causing lighter accumulations.

Keep checking back with us heading into the weekend as we continue to update the timing and impacts of this new storm.

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