Here Are 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Sexyy Red | Billboard

Sexyy Red reveals five things you didn’t know about her to Billboard!

Sexyy Red:
What’s up? Dis your favorite hood hottest princess Sexyy motherf–kin Red, and these are five things you don’t know about me.

OK, one: I’m a great momma. Like whatever my son want, he get, he spoiled. I don’t whoop my kids. He can be real bad, tryin to fight me and everything. I ain’t goin’ to do nothing.

Two: I know how to draw and paint real good, like, I’m real crafty, like I like to do home stuff around the house.

Like, three: People probably don’t know that, but I cook really good, like, all my friends, whenever I’m cooking, they come over my house like, “You got some food?” and I get them a plate.

Four: I got a hidden talent.

Five: I hate wearing makeup. I could have a photo shoot video shoot, I’m not really gonna do my makeup. I just do like to a little clear lip, some lashes, some eyeliner and call it a day. I ain’t gonna put nothing on my cheeks, I don’t care how much my acne show. I just can’t do the makeup.

And that’s five things you don’t know about me.

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