Girl’s wrestling growing fast across New York State

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) – 208 girls battled it out for their weight class’s crown with the roaring support of their fans.

Girl’s wrestling is one of the fastest-growing sports in New York, with many hoping it will expand beyond that.

“I want to wrestle if Penn State has a girl’s team, but if not, I would want to go to Iowa,” Gail Sullivan, the champion of the 94-weight class, said.

Girl’s wrestling is on the up and up across the country, with participation numbers soaring. Participation is so good in New York that next year, there will be a women’s state championship in February.

Among those cheering for the girls are the boys.

“Just keeping girls wrestling around is super important growing the sport. Everybody should wrestle, so it’s nice having the girls wrestle too and especially having their own individual, so they can kind of get away from the boys a little bit,” Steven Schulz, a wrestler, said.

Cheering and coaching.

“So, I grew up training Teagan ever since we were little. And we grew up in the same area, but even once I moved, we were still training and just helping her out through all her life. And it’s great to see her succeed in the finals and go out there and hopefully get the win,” Braidon Woodward, another wrestler, said.

It’s already a win for the girls.

“You just got to love to see it. The whole sport growing, and seeing more colleges getting girls wrestling now. And just great to see everyone wanting to compete and get better,” Woodward said.

A refreshing reversal on the mat.

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