Flavor Flav Shows Off His Taylor Swift Hoodie, Talks AI-Facilitated Chuck D Collab & More

Flavor Flav teamed up with his Public Enemy bandmate Chuck D for “Every Where Man,” a new single that uses AI to translate the track to dozens of different languages. To celebrate, he joined Billboard’s Rania Aniftos to discuss the inspiration behind the song.

“My partner Chuck D mentioned to me about doing a record called ‘Every Where Man,’ because Flavor Flav is everywhere, man,” he shared. “Me and Chuck sat down, Chuck put the pen to the paper, so really Chuck D wrote this song. He writes it, I recites it.”

He continued, “This song in Spanish, I was bugging out like, wow, listening to my voice in Spanish! […] Korean! I never, ever thought that I would be speaking Korean.”

Flav added that he’s “glad” to use the technology, “because AI has been misused so much. I feel that I’m one of the first ones to show the example of AI being used correctly.”

The star also showed off his Taylor SwiftEras tour-inspired hoodie, which was gifted to him by a Swiftie. “She’s one of the most important and influential artists of our time,” he said of Swift, before adding that he’s in his 1989 era.

Watch Billboard’s full interview with Flavor Flav above.

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