Eclipse Minute: How to safely photograph the eclipse


The total solar eclipse is a once in a lifetime event so we are sure you are going to want to document it with your phone or an actual camera. But can you do it safely?

Yes – if you take the proper precautions.

If you are trying to get a picture of it with your cell phone you’re going to need a little help. NASA has a few tips on their web site and they recommend having a zoom lens that can attach right onto your phone.  They cost 20 bucks on line otherwise your pictures will look too pixelated. 

You don’t want to ruin the phone by pointing it right at the sun, so put a pair of solar glasses over the phone’s camera to see the eclipse in action.

Want to use an actual camera?

Experts suggest using a tripod to get a steady shot and use a telephoto lens so that way you can zoom in enough. A solar lens will help too.

But the best recommendation from NASA? Just enjoy it with your own two eyes, with eclipse glasses, of course and take a selfie or pictures of others around you to capture the moment.

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