Comfort dog added to the Oswego City Police Department

OSWEGO, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — A new member is being added to the Oswego City Police Department. The new recruit will help better the department and the community it serves.

Meet Donny! The nine-month-old Goldendoodle is the Oswego City Police Department’s newest recruit.

“One of his primary purposes is to serve our officers, to support their mental health and wellness, as well as our civilian staff,” said Officer Brandon Lummis.

Just last month, right before Christmas, the Goldendoodle completed a six-week obedience-based training program, receiving both American Kennel Club and Canine Good Citizen Certifications, where he learned good manners, socializing skills, and much more. Donny will help support the men and women in blue as the department’s new comfort dog.

His new owner, Officer Lummis, says animals can reduce anxiety and stress, making Donny a great resource for the department.

“For officer mental health and wellness specifically, officers face cumulative stress and trauma sometimes on a daily basis, so to have that outlet when they come back from a bad call to have a dog here where they know he’s here, they can pet him, they can play with him, they can take him for a walk if they want, just to have that added level of comfort for them,” said Lummis.

And Donny won’t just be a resource for officers but also the local community. Donny will be visiting schools, helping victims and even going with officers to a scene.

“Helping people to open up, be more willing to talk with us or make them more comfortable, that’s what it really comes down to,” said Officer Lummis.

The department named Donny after fallen Oswego City Police Department Lieutenant Donald Hill. Hill served the police department for over 20 years. He was killed while on duty after being struck by a car in 1995.

“He was known for his integrity, was a great family man, loved serving the community, dedicated to the department, his fellow officers, so it’s an honor for Donny to be named after Lieutenant Hill,” said Lummis.

Keeping the memory of Lieutenant Hill alive, while helping better serve the community.

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