Cold temperatures bring great skiing conditions to Central New York

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) – The warm winter has left many people who crave the snowy slopes feeling blue, but now with temperatures below freezing, that crowd can take on the ski hill.

“This winter especially, there’s a lot of pent-up demand. People have been dying to get out on the hill, and we’re really happy to have as many trails that we have open. A little sunshine might help, but as long as it stays cold, we’re happy,” Peter Harris, the owner and operator of Song and Labrador Mountains, said.

The below-freezing temperatures have had Song Mountain pumping out snow for days.

“We’ve been operating six days straight. 144 hours consecutive snowmaking and the place is almost wide open now,” Harris explained.

The perfect skiing and snowboarding conditions come with a territory. The wind can make the temperature feel like it’s below zero. However, the people taking advantage of the wintry weather are just happy it’s finally arrived.

“It’s all part of the experience. It’s just a matter of being together as a family and spending time together, and if that time is together in the lodge, it’s just as valuable as time on the slopes,” Micah Shippee, a lifelong skier said.

“It’s a bit chilly, but heck it is a winter sport,” Harris added.

If it were up to Harris, there would be even more cold weather.

“We’re a little jealous of Buffalo and Watertown, but we want the lake effect band to swing down here to the south, and we’re looking forward to that,” Harris said.

So, for the many who dread the snow and cold, Harris’ message is this.

“Well, if you’re going to live in New York State, might as well go out skiing and snowboarding. It’s really nice out, and it’s a great family event. Come on out.”

Based on the number of people braving the bitter cold on the ski hill… many agree.

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