CNY health care trying to make room for Micron

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) – With migration for Micron on the horizon in Central New York, there is talk of a housing crisis, but what about the medical care these people will need?

Central New York is already dealing with a health care crisis, and Micron could only make it worse.

“The current healthcare in our community is obviously taxed,” Onondaga County Medical Society President Dr. Digant Nanavati said.

With Micron’s addition, it’s expected there will be 40,000 to 125,000 new patients.

“An additional hundred primary care providers are needed in this area at the bare minimum to accommodate what’s projected for the population influx. That is on top of a pre-existing primary care shortage,” Heather Drake Bianchi, CEO of Drakos Urgent Care, said.

Upstate is working to make this happen.

“Working on a way to add 30 new slots for general practice residency program, and within a year, we can bring that up very quickly,” Dr. Nanavati said.

Drakos Urgent Care is available in addition to primary care.

“If somebody can get in with their primary care office, they should. But if they can’t, we are here,” Drake Bianchi said.

Another purpose of the urgent care is to bring a little bit of relief to the hospitals that may have a long wait time.

Drake Bianchi says the only way to prepare for this issue is for the medical community to come together.

“While we might be facing a shortage of health care workers, a significant influx of population addition to providers, what we do have is leaders that collaborate and are willing to work with each other, and that’s how this is going to get solved.”

To move CNY off the critical list.

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