Billboard Is Music Sustainability Alliance’s Official Media Partner for February Climate Summit

With climate change having an increasing effect on the music industry, Billboard is partnering with the Music Sustainability Alliance to help foster impactful solutions to this urgent issue.

Billboard will be the official media partner of the inaugural Music Sustainability Summit, happening Feb. 5 at the USC Campus in Los Angeles. Produced by the Music Sustainability Alliance, the event marks the first music industry climate summit in North America.

Billboard is delighted to be partnering with the Music Sustainability Alliance to amplify their essential work in educating the music industry about climate action,” says Billboard‘s Chief Brand Officer Dana Droppo. “Dedicating our attention to environmentalism is an investment in future generations of fans and artists alike, and we can’t wait witness the exchange of ideas at this inaugural Summit.”

The Music Sustainability Alliance provides science-based solutions, business case analyses, best practices, and tools for operational change across the music industry. Tickets for the Summit — running 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. — are available on a sliding scale between $25 and $200 and are available now.

“The MSA is thrilled to partner with Billboard to advance meaningful climate action in the music industry,” adds Music Sustainability Alliance President and Co-founder Amy Morrison. “With the support of Billboard, The Summit will become an annual gathering of the tribes, bringing together the MSA team, our diverse group of stakeholders and new advocates.”

The Summit will feature speakers including Lindsay Arell, head of sustainability at ASM, Maggie Baird the founder of Support + Feed, John Fernandez, the director of the Environmental Solutions Initiative at MIT, Adam Gardner, the co-founder and Co-Director of REVERB (and also the guitarist and vocalist for Guster), Garrett Keraga, the senior manager of sustainability, policy & advisory at ClimeCo, Cassie Lee, the CEO of Sound Future, Michael Martin, the CEO and founder of r.World & Effect Partners, Amy Morrison, the president & co-founder of the the Music Sustainability Alliance, Lesley Olenik the vice president of touring at Live Nation and Jake Perry, the director of operations at C3 Presents. See the complete program here.

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