Ale ‘n’ Angus owner to open new business in Armory Square

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) – Ale ‘n’ Angus Pub has been voted New York’s Best Burger seven different years, putting the pub on the map as one of Syracuse’s iconic staples.

Now, the owner, Matt Beach, is looking to bring back another one.

“With the name Crooked Cattle, it still allows people to understand that it’s under the Ale ‘n’ Angus umbrella. We’re going to be focusing on roast beef sandwiches, especially paying homage to the old Clark’s Ale House roast beef,” Beach said.

Clark’s Ale House was a Syracuse Classic, known for its roast beef sandwiches and inviting atmosphere, that closed back in 2016.

“Clark’s did a very good job, and they made a name for themselves, and they put a simple sandwich on the map that everyone talks about. And, you know, why not bring that back? Why not try to give Syracuse that experience all over again?” Beach explained.

Ale ‘n’ Angus has been offering roast beef sandwiches for about a year and a half to get customer feedback. Soon, those roast beef sandwiches will have their own home at Crooked Cattle in Armory Square.

“But I really feel that with everything going on in the city right now, the city itself is doing a nice job at trying to rebuild the city as a whole. And my vision was when I noticed that the Starbucks was available that this might be a good opportunity to rebuild Armory Square,” Beach said.

Something unique about this location is that with Shot Clock Park right outside, the Crooked Cattle will be dog-friendly. Crooked Cattle will have dog bowls and dog treats. So, for humans and dogs alike, roast beef sandwiches in Armory Square are on the horizon.

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