6lack Shares What’s on His Playlist | Billboard

6lack chatted with Billboard and shared what is on his current playlist.

What up, this is 6lack and this is My Playlist.

So my favorite road trip playlist… currently I would say is by Σtella and the name of the album is ‘Up and Away.’ Really good car music, really good time passing music, sometimes there’s no words on it at all, just instrumentals so that’s my favorite road trip playlist.

My favorite singing in the shower playlist? Maybe [Frank Ocean’s] ‘Nostalgia, Ultra.’ It’s a really, really good let it play through the house, sing it in the shower type of album. I still remember like my first time listening to Frank Ocean and how infectious it was, so to this day that project holds a special place in my heart and I think I do a really good job of singing it in the shower.

My favorite workout playlist? Any Young Thung project, honestly any Young Thung album, any Young Thug mixtape gets the blood flowing. It keeps me like moving around. The tempo is always up. The energy’s always high. The drums are always hitting. So any Young Thung album or mixtape is a good workout.

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