2024 predicted the biggest travel year ever, already busy January

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) – The International Air Transportation Association predicted 2024’s air travel to reach a historic high, with 4.7 billion travelers expected to take flight worldwide.

Cancel and rebook was the story of pandemic travel for years, but now people are back in the business of traveling.

2.85 million passengers passed through the Syracuse Hancock Airport last year, and the desire to travel has spilled over into 2024 with a busy January underway.

“It’s been busier than years past. I think last year, it seemed busy because we weren’t busy for so long, but this year’s been really busy,” Senior Travel Agent for AAA Robin Mitchell said.

Really busy even after a few close calls elsewhere around the U.S., like the Alaska Airlines scare when a door plug blew off midflight.

These close calls haven’t deterred travelers from flying.

“Most people are really cool about it. They don’t worry too much about it. They’re more worried about being delayed and getting stuck somewhere if anything else, weather delays things like that, cancellations. But safety hasn’t come up,” Mitchell explained.

The most common spots for January travel are the Caribbean and cruises. Those not vacationing now are planning to be.

“I think a lot of the trend has been Europe. People are anxious to get back to Europe. Italy and Greece were our busiest trend last year, and I think that’s coming back too also. With Alaska, a lot of people couldn’t go to Alaska for two years and they all want to go now. So, Alaska’s very hot,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell’s advice for anyone planning a getaway, book early.

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