Your Stories Q&A: Did National Grid really call me or is it a scam?

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Viewer Question: Is National Grid calling customers claiming electric has been deregulated in NY and asking for account numbers?

Let’s start here, it is true that New York’s energy markets are deregulated, meaning you can pick who you buy electric and gas from. It’s been that way for years.

New York keeps a list of Authorized Energy Service Companies.

According to an article released by National Grid last year, some of the alternative companies are known to knock on doors or call trying to get your business. But they are not affiliated with National Grid.

National Grid said it does not call or go door-to-door trying to sell you something, and they’ll never call you and ask for your account number.

So to recap, the call the viewer is referencing may not be a scam, perhaps it was a legitimate sales pitch from an Authorized Energy Service Company, but it wasn’t National Grid behind the call campaign.

National Grid’s Strategic Communications Manager, Jared Paventi, sent us the following statement, offering these tips:

National Grid offers two pieces of advice. First, be vigilant with your customer information. National Grid knows your account number and will never ask you for it. Never give your account number or billing information to anyone unless you are absolutely sure you are ready to choose an alternate energy supplier. Secondly, do your homework. If you are serious about changing suppliers, get everything in writing, from the pricing structure to any contract length. Customers can always call us at 800-642-4272 if they have questions about their bill or what a change in supplier might mean for their budget.

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