Will our winter get a kick-start in the new year??

SYRACUSE, NY (WSYR) – Could winter be ready to arrive for real as we head into the new year? The Storm Team breaks down what’s going on with the weather patterns into mid-January.

We are hearing signs of some winter weather for the Northeast. Is this true?

Certainly, the weather pattern is waking up, and the jet stream is set to become more active by the upcoming weekend and at least give us some chances for snow in the first half of January.

First off, we are relatively quiet leading up to the first weekend of 2024. In fact, Tuesday and Wednesday could be near 40 degrees! Click here to get the latest short-term Storm Team forecast.

So when is our first chance of meaningful snow?

We would say to circle Sunday, January 8.

Low pressure will track out of the Southern Plains Saturday and up through the southern Appalachians before reforming off the Mid-Atlantic coast Sunday.

At this point, it looks like the path would leave Central New York on the ‘cold’ side of this storm, with a widespread snow looking more and more likely.  We will have to hone in on the exact path of the low later in the week before we start to talk specific accumulations, but it is safe to say this is our best chance for accumulating snow we’ve had in almost a month.

What happens after that?

We mentioned that the pattern is becoming more active, and right on the heels of Sunday’s system, a new area of low pressure is set to develop somewhere in the East during the Tuesday/Wednesday timeframe (January 9/10).

The path of this low is more uncertain, so precipitation type is also more uncertain.  It could be all snow or a scenario where we start as a wintry mix of snow/sleet/freezing rain before changing to all rain.

Does this mean we are finally getting into winter?

The signs are pointing more in that direction.

The active jet stream is a step in the right direction, but it helps that colder air is finally looking to move into the lower 48 states.  Much of December, the coldest air in the Northern Hemisphere was confined to Asia (specifically Siberia), but it looks like that air is going to be on the move early in January, and the 8-to-14-day forecast suggests a piece of that colder air moves into the western United States for the middle of the month.

This means the Northeast should get teased by some seasonably cold air mid-month and POSSIBLY some more sustained cold toward the end of the month. The jury, however, is still out on that.

After all of that, the takeaway for skiers and snowmobilers is there is finally some optimism as we get into the heart of our winter season.

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