Wife surprises husband with ‘Nobody Cares’ cake after his self-described ‘big accomplishment’

(NEXSTAR) – Who ordered the cake with extra sass?

A Reddit user from Oregon is going viral with a photo of a cake his wife ordered in honor of him finally finishing a website he was building — an achievement he described as a “big accomplishment.”

“Nobody Cares!” the cake informed him via a message written in blue icing across the top.

A photo of an Oregon man’s “Nobody Cares!” cake went viral on Reddit last week. (u/BobbyIke on Reddit)

It’s not actually as harsh as it sounds. The Reddit user, who goes by BobbyIke, said his wife is extremely supportive of his endeavors, and the phrase is part of an inside joke between the couple.

BobbyIke, a printing company owner from Portland, told Nexstar that he had been working on his business’ website for over three years, during which time he would often share his progress with employees. But over time, some of them began to lose interest, and one jokingly shouted “nobody cares!” after BobbyIke told him of a minor update.

BobbyIke told his wife about it, and they thought it was hysterical. After that, BobbyIke’s wife and employees started using the phrase all the time.

When BobbyIke finally finished the site earlier this month, his wife insisted they should celebrate with a cookies-and-crème cake from Hungry Hero, a nearby bakery, at an upcoming family party.

An unsuspecting BobbyIke then went to pick it up.

“I couldn’t contain my laughter, and my immediate thought was, ‘That’s perfect,’” he told Nexstar. “I promptly called my wife after leaving the bakery to let her know what I thought.”

The Reddit community was quite amused too, upvoting the post over 27,000 times.

“Every relationship needs a good roast-to-flirt ratio,” one Reddit user commented.

“She sounds hilarious,” another said.

BobbyIke said there were plenty of people who also “jumped to conclusions” about their relationship, assuming his partner wasn’t supportive of his work. But as one Redditor pointed out, “the effort she put into getting the cake flips the message on its head.”

“We’re able to laugh it off,” BobbyIke said. “We are also happy to see how much attention Hungry Hero has received! They are such an incredible asset to our community and everyone should try their cakes.”

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