What’s the ‘Taylor Swift Challenge’? How to help your local shelter on the cat lover’s birthday

(WSYR-TV) — On the birthday of lyrical genius and Time’s “Person of the Year,” Taylor Swift, animal shelters all over the United States are using the hashtag “Taylor Swift Challenge” to celebrate the singer’s 34th birthday.

Swift — who recently accepted Time’s Person of the Year award by asking, “Can I bring my cat?” — is known to be a cat lover, owning three famous cats: Meredith Grey, Olivia Benson and Benjamin Button, who’s the rescue cat that she was featured with on the Time cover.

On her birthday, Dec. 13, animal shelters are asking fans and the public to donate $13 to celebrate the cat lover’s birthday.

In Taylor Swift’s hometown of Pennsylvania, The Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) created the “Taylor Swift Challenge.” “Long story short,” they suggested $13 as a donation because it’s Swift’s favorite number and of course the day she was born.

Locally, Humane CNY is joining in on the challenge, asking the public to donate whatever amount they want, whether they’re feeling $22 or $34, the shelter would be “enchanted” to have you help this holiday season.

“Today is Taylor Swift’s 34th birthday. She LOVES cats and even has a rescue of her own. So, in honor of her birthday and her love of cats, HumaneCNY and other shelters nationwide are doing the #TaylorSwiftChallenge to raise money for animals that need it most!” stated HumaneCNY.

Currently, the shelter has a pregnant cat named Katniss who has a “safe and sound” place to have her soon-to-be “swiftie” babies.

“If we can raise more than $3,400 in honor of Taylor and Benjamin today, we’ll give all Katniss’ babies swiftie-themed names!” stated HumaneCNY. “We know our animals will be grateful for your support ‘fur-evermore!’ Donate today and comment your best swiftie kitten names….maybe we’ll be able to use some of them soon.”

Katniss will be available for adoption once she has her babies, however, if you’re interested in adopting now, HumaneCNY’s own Olivia Benson is available for adoption.

What's the 'Taylor Swift Challenge'? How to help your local shelter on the cat lover's birthday
Courtesy of HumaneCNY

To donate, you can visit HumaneCNY’s Facebook page or their Instagram page.

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