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UBS partnered with Billboard to help increase awareness about the financial resources available to all entertainers. In the fourth episode, Wale Ogunleye sits down with Primary Wave CEO/Founder Larry Mestel and Billboard Deputy Editorial Director Rob Levine to talk about new technology in the market and how the music licensing market is changing.

Wale Ogunleye:
Welcome to Music and Money series. My name is Wale Ogunleye and I’m the head of sports entertainment at UBS. Billboard and UBS has partnered to help increase the awareness around financial resources available to all entertainers. Today I’m joined by Billboard Deputy Editor Rob Levine and Primary Wave CEO/founder Larry Mestel to discuss the music license market, from A.I. to international markets and everything in between.

Before we start our questions that I have for these young men, I want to do a proper introduction for Mr. Mestel. Larry is the founder and CEO of Primary Wave Music, and has been working in the music and entertainment industry for over 30 years. In 2006. Mr. Mestel took his extensive experience working at multiple record labels and founded Primary Wave Music, one of the largest independent music publishing, marketing and talent management companies in the United States. Primary Wave controls over 50,000 songs from catalogs of legendary artists such as Bob Marley, Stevie Nicks, The Four Seasons, Whitney Houston, James Brown — I can continue to go on and on and on. Obviously, he’s a very important man in this industry. So with that being said, gentlemen, thank you for being here with me.

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