The 15 Best Latin Christian Songs of 2023

The boundaries of Latin Christian music have expanded noticeably in 2023. With artists challenging the conventional norms of what is considered Christian music and exploring new frontiers both in terms of lyrics and sound, the genre is increasingly broader and allows for more innovative ideas.

The following selection of the best Christian songs released in 2023 offers a broad overview of the state of Christian music today. In terms of sound, the list reflects the musical diversity of the genre by including everything from pop to bachata and rap. It also includes contributions from renowned artists who have embraced Christianity, such as urban star Farruko, whose transition toward more conscious and spiritual content has marked a new chapter in his career. And avant-garde proposals stand out, such as the collaboration between Kim Richards and Indiomar, who challenge religious norms with provocative lyrics while fusing sounds from the new wave of Mexican regional music, a predominant phenomenon this year.

The list features songs with notable melodies and lyrics, as well as songs that had significant achievements and reached privileged positions on the Billboard charts. Among them, “Mambo 23” by Dominican maestro Juan Luis Guerra, which returned him to the top of the Tropical Airplay chart after almost a decade; “Nosotros No” by Marcos Vidal, included in his Latin Grammy-winning album Lo Que Vemos; and one of the Christian songs with the most played videos on YouTube, with 36 million views: “Fiesta en el Desierto,” by the Venezuelan band Montesanto.

Below, we present our list of the 15 best Latin Christian music songs of 2023, in alphabetical order (by artist name.)

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