Tell Me Something Good: Raising hunger awareness

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — We tell kids not to play with their food. But there are exceptions.

These pros from VIP Structures are using grocery items like they’re legos to build a can creation and bring attention to hunger here in the community. The challenges they’re running into would be more common in your pantry than on the average construction site.

“Some cans nest on top of each other, some don’t. And we thought we had specifically picked nesting cans on the bottom layer, and they changed them on us, and they didn’t nest. So it was a little unstable, but we improvised, checked our design, and I don’t think it’s going to fall over.”

Vince Raymond – VIP Structures VP and chief can stacker

Layer by layer, a giant holiday food basket starts to take shape. It won’t last as long as the Salt City Market, the Pike Block or other VIP projects in town.

But the focus and attention to detail is there.

This year’s can creation is about 2000 pieces, cans, and boxes of food, and the value is close to $5000 of product.

The VIP team picked their construction materials the same way you would. They came to the store and looked at the labels.

The can creation will be in place at the Tops Market on Route 11 in North Syracuse through the “Food for Families” food drive on Friday, December 15. Then, it will all be taken apart and moved to the Food Bank warehouse to help feed families through the winter.

And by the way, the Food Bank warehouse is another VIP project.

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