Syracuse Police ramping up security this New Year’s Eve

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — With New Year’s Eve just two days away, Syracuse Police are ramping up its security. The department is adding extra officers to ensure partygoers can celebrate safely.

Come this Sunday, bars in downtown Syracuse will be filled with people ringing in the New Year.

“We anticipate as we do with major holidays that there will be an uptick in the bar traffic here down in Armory Square,” said Lt. Matt Malinowski, Syracuse Police Department.

And as big crowds gather in Armory Square to watch the ball drop, Syracuse Police are ensuring they can do so safely.

“We’ll have an Armory Square detail so you’ll see a uniformed presence with patrol vehicles down here. So it’s important to know that there will be a police presence so people feel safe,” said Malinowski.

Police are also cracking down on drunk drivers this New Year’s Eve. The department has added extra patrols that will be out and about dealing with traffic-related issues.

If you do plan on spending the night out and not at home, SPD is urging the community to plan ahead, making sure they have a designated driver.

“We’re not trying to ruin anyone’s holiday. We’d rather have no arrests for DWI but typically what happens is again people’s decision-making gets affected by alcohol and then they go ahead and drive and something bad happens,” said Malinowski.

Just a short drive away, partygoers can expect to see more security at Apex located inside Destiny USA where a New Year’s Eve after-party is being held after midnight.

“If you are planning on coming to Armory Square, planning on going to the mall you’ll see police at both locations, and then our partners at the county and statewide obviously have a presence as well, if you choose to do any of that partying,” said Malinowski.

SPD says there will be a large police presence at the after-party, including an increase in patrols at Destiny USA.

“If you’re going to be partaking in partying and alcohol, it’s better to make that decision before you go out because if you try to decide if you’re too good to drive once you’ve been drinking, your decision-making gets impacted by alcohol so you probably aren’t going to make the best decision,” said Malinowski.

And with the recent protests downtown, Syracuse Police say they have a plan in case that happens this weekend.

“We have a pretty robust emergency management department that plans for emergencies in the future. We also work closely with the county and state police who also have their emergency management departments. But a lot of what we do, probably 99 percent of it is planning, and then that one percent of the time something happens we’ll go into action. But yeah, there’s a lot of plans that go into place for events like that,” said Malinowski.

Keeping our community safe this New Year.

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