Student-Athlete of the Week: Chittenango’s Ryan Moesch

CHITTENANGO, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Chittenango’s Ryan Moesch has a deep love for basketball, and you can tell just by watching him play.

This year, however, his love is now etched in Chittenango history. On top of recently breaking the school record for points in a game with 55 points against J-D, he also added his name to a special list.

Ryan hit 1,000 career points earlier in the season, and lucky for him, his dad, Jeff, was documenting the moment.

“Of course, it’s good in my career to get a thousand and to be playing good,” Moesch said.

“It’s funny, I didn’t even really realize it because we were in the middle of a pretty contested game with Auburn,” said Chittenango head coach John Clancy. “And he got the break away at the end of the first half. And I think he was going to try to dunk the ball, and he kind of blew a flat tire on the way up. So he did end up laying it in for a thousand points.”

For Ryan, this milestone was made better by the names he is surrounded by.

“I mean, of course, it’s a cool accomplishment, but it’s cool to be next to my brother,” Moesch said.

His brother, Alex, graduated from Chittenango last year and has always been a source of motivation for Ryan.

“I always wanted to be better than him. I always wanted to beat him in everything I’ve done. So it’s definitely important,” said Moesch.

Despite the career season he is having as a junior, Ryan stays humble through it all.

“But it wasn’t really that big of a deal, in my opinion, to hit it or not,” Moesch said. “It’s definitely less stressful. I don’t have to worry about it. It was good to get it out of the way really.”

Congratulations, Ryan! You are the Byrne Dairy & Deli NewsChannel 9 Student-Athlete of the Week!

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