‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Alum Farrah Moan Comes Out as Trans: ‘I Feel Proud of Who I Am’

After winning over fans’ hearts during her run on RuPaul’s Drag Race season nine and All Stars season four, Farrah Moan is now ready to tell fans the full, unfiltered truth about her journey with her gender identity.

In the latest episode of fellow Drag Race alum Maddy Morphosis’ interview series Give It to Me Straight, Farrah Moan revealed that she identifies as a transgender woman, and has spent the last four years living as one. “In 2019, unbeknownst to my following, that was when I had made my decision to live my life as a woman,” Moan said.

Speaking with Morphosis, Moan said that she held back on coming out publicly as trans because she feared that doing so would impact her work as a drag queen, or that it could’ve meant that she “would never be on Drag Race,” especially considering that her makeup transformation from “male to female” was part of her brand.

But, Moan revealed that at a certain point in her journey, she knew that something needed to change. “Having a male persona felt more like drag than having to do drag,” she said. “Trying to figure out how to be a cute boy was so much harder for me and came so much more unnaturally, to the point where I was like, ‘I wish I could just go out in drag right now.’ The thought of dressing like a boy was so stressful to me, it stressed me out so much and I resented every masculine feature my whole life.”

Moan says she recognized that she had always felt trans, and that she simply “needed to feel free” when it came to labeling herself. “[Doing drag] was the only time that I could really feel at home in my body.”

After officially coming out as trans to her close friends and family, Moan told Morphosis that, accompanied with all the other changes she’s made in her life — the drag performer recently got sober and started regularly exercising — she feels much better on a regular basis. “My daily anxiety levels are much lower. I don’t feel panicked about it anymore,” she said, before breaking into tears. “I feel proud of who I am, and at 30 years old, I’m actually just so thankful for that, because I really never thought I would.”

Watch Farrah Moan’s full interview with Maddy Morphosis below:

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