Restaurant health inspections: November 19 through November 25

ONONDAGA COUNTY, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The Onondaga County Health Department released its weekly inspection report for restaurants checked during the week of November 19 through November 25.

One restaurant failed their health inspection this week:

  • Camino Real – 3811 Brewerton Road, North Syracuse

Camino Real

The restaurant received nine violations, with two in critical condition.

Improper hot holding of potentially hazardous foods (critical):

The inspector found the following foods were in a hot holding cabinet at these temperatures:

  • 10 pounds of cooked rice in large food pan 64 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 12 pounds of melted American cheese sauce in two large food pans 85 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 30 pounds of cooked (refried) beans in two large food pans 130 to 133 degrees Fahrenheit

It was undetermined how long the foods had been out in those temperatures, but the inspector estimated four to five hours.

The hot hold cabinet had an ambient temperature of 125 degrees Fahrenheit. It was learned
that the rice (at 64 degrees Fahrenheit) was being reheated from cold in the hot hold cabinet, which is an incorrect technique in itself. This was corrected and all foods were voluntarily discarded, the old cabinet turned off, and a new hot hold cabinet was turned on to be used for new foods.

Inadequate cooking and reheating of potentially hazardous foods (critical):

The inspector found one large food pan of pre-cooked and and previously cold rice, as described by an employee, is found in the hot hold cabinet at 64 degrees Fahrenheit. Upon investigation, it was determined that the rice was put into the hot hold cabinet about four to five hours ago, from the walk-in cooler, to raise the temperature before reheating later. This was corrected and the food was voluntarily discarded and education given as to proper reheating techniques.

Food not protected in general: The inspector found knives used for preparing food were found stored between a table and wall, which is not a sanitary surface.

Poor sanitary design, construction, installation of equipment and utensils:

The inspector found poly cutting board found badly stained with cut marks.

Poor sanitary design, construction, installation of equipment and utensils:

The inspector found lower shelves of several prep tables found to be corroded.

Improper cleaning, washing and sanitizing of equipment and utensils:

The inspector found ice slide in the ice machine found with some mildew along the bottom edge.

Improper sanitary facilities and controls:

The inspector found the men’s and ladies rooms missing hand wash signs.

Improper construction and maintenance of physical facilities:

The inspector found water noted dripping from refrigeration unit in the walk-in cooler.

Below is a list of all locations that were operating acceptably:

Burger King 3930 South Salina Street Syracuse 11/22/2023
Carnegie Cafe & Catering 3770 Brewerton Road Salina 11/21/2023
Christ Community United Methodist Ch 3474 Stiles Road Van Buren 11/21/2023
Exclusives Bar & Restaurant 700 North Salina Street Syracuse 11/20/2023
Lady Bug Lunch Box Commissary 406 Kirkpatrick Street Syracuse 11/22/2023
Popeyes Lousiana Kitchen 3609 Brewerton Road Salina 11/22/2023
Courtesy of the Onondaga County Health Department.

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