Questions to ask your grandparents during the holiday season

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Losing a grandparent is never easy and it often comes with “what if’s,” “I wonder’s” and other questions we wish we would’ve asked.

The holiday season typically is the time of the year that we get together with our families and if you are fortunate to still have your grandparents around, there are some questions you might want to ask them.

Asking your grandparents questions will reveal a lot about their life as well as teach you about your family history and legacy.

With the pandemic and COVID-19 and flu rates skyrocketing, older people are getting sick easier and also dying more often.

If you are spending time with grandparents this holiday season, consider asking them these questions while you still have time and cherish every moment.

Questions to ask your grandparents this holiday season

1. How would you describe your childhood, what was your family like?

This is a great question to start off with! Hearing about how they grew up, what core memories they can still remember, and what it was like back then.

You can get a glimpse into their past and envision what it was like for them growing up but also what might have made them who they are today. Not only will you learn about them but your family history and where your family comes from.

2. What was your favorite thing to do growing up?

This is a great question to ask to see what your grandparent’s favorite hobby was or what they like doing.

It also will help you see how their life led to where it is now, which can be interesting to know where their own turning point was.

3. If you had to change anything in your life, what would it be?

If you want to learn any lesson in life, ask your grandparents. If they had to change one thing, ask them what it would be so you can learn from them.

Even if they say nothing, that is a lesson in itself.

4. How do you deal with the bad times in life?

Asking this question will help you learn from your own grandparent’s life and help you help yourself in your own life.

Dealing with hard times in life is different for everyone, but if anyone can teach you how to embrace the bad with the good, it’s your grandparent.

5. What did you do for work and how did you find your passion in life?

Knowing about what your grandparent did for a living is interesting to you but also to them as they will want to share with you what they did for the majority of their life.

Ask them about their work memories, and passions and what they cared about most in their career. Not only will this help you get an idea of what they loved in life but also you can find your passion in life if you haven’t already.

6. How did you meet grandma/grandpa?

This is a sweet question to ask as you can see what led up to your grandparents meeting that helped created your parent and then you!

Was it fate? Or was it by chance? See how your grandparent’s life was changed for the future and how you can know when you’ve met the one.

7. What’s your best relationship advice?

If you’re lucky to have both your grandparents still together then they know all about what’s important in a relationship.

There’s no one who will have better advice than your grandparents about love and relationships. If you need any advice, your grandparents most definitely have an answer.

8. What are some of your favorite travel memories?

If your grandparents have traveled around the world or the country, those stories would be interesting to know.

See how they traveled cross country or around Europe and what crazy adventures they had!

9. Any favorite family recipes?

Family recipes are a way to carry on your grandparent’s memory for future generations.

When you make something from a family recipe, you can feel as if you’re connecting with your grandparents even when they aren’t with you.

What’s even better is baking or cooking a family recipe with them while they are still here.

10. Are there any diseases that run in the family?

This question is good to know not only for your grandparent’s future but also yours as well.

Keeping an up-to-date family history is good for you but also for your family in the future if you have one.

11. What do you think happens when we die?

Talking about death can be hard for some and not others but for those who want solace after their grandparents eventually die, knowing what they believe is important.

It can help you feel better about them leaving this world and once they do, knowing that they will always be with you even in death.

12. Do you have hopes for the future or any important life advice?

Before your grandparents go, it would be nice to know what they think of your future and if they have any advice for you.

It would also be nice to share your hopes and dreams with your grandparents because they most likely want to know that information, so they are up to date with your life and future plans.

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