Queer Jams of the Week: New Music From Reneé Rapp, Anitta, Young M.A & More

The end of the year is almost here, which means you have limited time to listen to new music from your favorite queer artists in 2023! Billboard Pride is proud to present the latest edition of Queer Jams of the Week, our roundup of some of the best new music releases from LGBTQ artists.

From Reneé Rapp’s Mean Girls-inspired Megan Thee Stallion team-up to new single to Anitta’s funk-filled new track, check out just a few of our favorite releases from this week below:

Reneé Rapp & Megan Thee Stallion, “Not My Fault”

When Cady Heron infamously told her friend Janis Ian “it’s not my fault you’re like, in love with me, or something,” Reneé Rapp felt that on a visceral level. So, when it came time for her to write a song for the soundtrack of the forthcoming Mean Girls remake, she decided to use Cady’s words to thrilling effect. “Not My Fault” flaunts a slick, disco-adjacent groove as Rapp — in her best Regina George-inspired affectation — shrugs off everyone else’s obsession with her. Once Megan Thee Stallion jumps in with a fiery rap verse, the song explodes into pure pop exaltation, as Meg and Reneé prove exactly why everyone cannot stop talking about them.

Anitta, Pedro Sampaio & Dennis, “Joga Pra Lua”

One of the best ways to warm up in this cold weather is by moving your body — and you simply won’t be able to stop doing just that when you listen to Anitta’s latest single. “Joga Pra Lua” is a stunning new Brazilian funk track that sees the star linking up with fellow Brazilian artists Pedro Sampaio and Dennis over a break-neck beat, asking their audience to throw it back at every given opportunity. It’s giving full “leave it all on the dance floor” energy, and we simply love to hear it.

Young M.A, “Open Scars”

After a tough year that involved health scares and getting clean, Young M.A is ready to let fans know exactly what she’s been going through. “Open Scars” quickly establishes itself as the up-and-coming rapper’s most vulnerable song to date, as she methodically goes through her journey to sobriety, her struggles with her health and her frustration with the music industry, all over a soothing beat. She may claim that she “let my fans down” over the last few years — but if “Open Scars” is any indication, then Young M.A’s fans have a lot more to look forward to in the years to come.

Bruses feat. Pale Waves, “She’s So Cool”

It’s time to get your angst out. Mexican pop-rocker Bruses brings every bit of her edge to “She’s So Cool,” a thrilling new pop-punk number where the rising star oggles that one girl that everyone can’t help but take notice of. With an airy vocal over a killer hook, Bruses paints the picture in both Spanish and English, before throwing it to Pale Waves’ Heather Barton-Gracie for her own slice of rocked-out yearning. From the moment it starts, “She’s So Cool” manages to grab hold of you and not let go until it comes to a stunning close.

The Veronicas, “Detox”

Alt-pop superstars The Veronicas are trying to get clean after an addiction to toxic partners. On “Detox,” the duo plug in and rock out to the sound of their own internal struggle, as they desperately try to quit an unhealthy relationship before it consumes them. Energetic guitars and pounding drums only further punctuate the pair’s vocals, as they realize that “you’ve got me under your thumb.”

Saucy Santana, “Walk It Like I Talk It”

They say that if you can’t take the heat, you should stay out of the kitchen — but Saucy Santana is cooking up a storm on his latest single. “Walk It Like I Talk It” sees the rising rapper doing what he does best; flexing on every last one of his haters, letting them know exactly where they can stick their insults. Over a simple beat and a couple of dreamy chords, Santana spells out exactly how fabulous he is — and how much some folks wish they could even come close to his level.

Check out all of our picks in Billboard’s official Queer Jams of the Week playlist.

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