On the Lookout: Minivan stolen in Fayetteville

FAYETTEVILLE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — From the city to the suburbs, there’s no slow down in auto thefts.

Vehicles have been stolen right out of driveways, and this latest case in Fayetteville proves that we’re making it way too easy for the thieves.

Car owners have been lining up all week to get software upgrades to stop thieves from stealing their Hyundai’s and Kia’s.

But Manlius police say some people who go out car hunting don’t care about anti-theft software, like this suspect who stole a 2017 gray Toyota Siena minivan in Fayetteville.

“Keys were left inside the van and the suspect walked up to the vehicle and was able to get inside and subsequently steal it,” said Manlius Police Department Sergeant Ken Hatter.

The van, which has a unique plate that reads “COOLVAN,” was stolen earlier this week in the area of Bristol Road in Fayetteville.

Police haven’t found the van yet and are asking you to be on the lookout. Police have also stepped up patrols as cars keep disappearing from driveways.

“It definitely seems to have an uptick. We have been getting more stolen vehicles recently, and we’ve also been locating stolen vehicles in the area, which is not unusual,” Sergeant Hatter said. “They typically steal the one, drive it to another location, they park it, and they will commit other vehicle larcenies and then steal another one.”

If you see the stolen van with the plate “COOLVAN,” or if you have any information about the theft, call the Manlius police tip line at 315-682-8673.

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