Nicki Minaj Ranks All 5 of Her Albums — And Her No. 1 Pick Might Not Be What You Think

The Queen has spoken. Nicki Minaj took to X on Friday (Dec. 22) to give her definitive ranking of all the albums in her discography, with a loving reminder to her devoted Barbz that all thoughts and opinions are subjective.

“Ok here’s my honest ranking 1. Pink Friday 2 2. The Pinkprint 3. QUEEN 4. Pink Friday 5. Pink Friday Roman Reloaded (The Re-Up),” the rapper wrote in a list format. She added, “But I truly respect all gag city resident opinions. What the albums mean to you is your own truth based on where you were in your own life.”

In a follow-up tweet, Minaj doubled down on why her latest release, Pink Friday 2, is her favorite thanks to a special feature on the album from a hometown legend.

“Wait I forgot. (Sorry for tweeting so much, y’all. Last one) It’s no way in FKNG HELLL!!!!!! Beep Beep ft 50 FKNG CENT??!?!!! On my 5Th ALBUM?!?!!! … I love you guys but come on. Nah. I’m not cutting no slack. I am a QUEENS b!ch! I just got my 1st ever feature from 50 FKNG CENT!!!!! Do y’all even get what that means to Southside Jamaica QUEENS?!?!!! To NEW YORK??!?!??!!!! PF2 You will ALWAYS!!!! Be!!! That. GWORL!!!!!!!!!! And that’s on Mary, the LAMB, ANDDDD the cover of AMERICAN phkng VOGUE!!!!! with #papabear,” she gushed online.

The fans have spoken as well: Following its release, Pink Friday 2 ascended to the top spot on the Dec. 23-dated Billboard 200 chart ahead of the holidays.

See Minaj’s latest tweets below.

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