New Yorkers have one of the most expensive utility bills in the US: report

(KTLA) — Utility bills are a big part of every household budget and can vary from month to month based on factors like the weather, wholesale energy prices, and, of course, how much water, electricity and natural gas you use.

A new report from doxoINSIGHTS has ranked every U.S. state and major city based on the average cost of utility bills.

After reviewing the utility bills of users at (the service helps users pay and manage their bills in one location), the report determined the average U.S. household pays $351 each month in utilities, or $3,327 a year. While high, there are three other categories Americans spend more on mortgage payments, rent, and auto loans.

New York has the 3rd most expensive utility bills based on market size

Unfortunately for New Yorkers, New York State ranks 3rd with the most expensive utility bills in the U.S.

Based on the market size of $22,926 and the 7,317,755 households in New York State, New Yorkers are paying on average $384 per month for utilities.

In major New York cities with a population of over 40,000, the most expensive utility bill is in New York City with an average of $511 per month, followed by Albany with $445, Rochester with $332 and Buffalo with $303.

On the opposite end of the list, Mississippi residents had the least expensive utility bills in the U.S., averaging just $255 per month, followed by South Dakota ($278/month), North Carolina ($282/month), Missouri ($284/month) and Georgia ($286/month), the report shows.

The most expensive city for utility bills, however, may come as a surprise. According to Doxo, Milwaukee’s residents are paying the most each month at $538 — almost $200 more than the national average. After Milwaukee, the five most expensive large cities were New York ($511), Los Angeles ($455), Pittsburgh and San Jose (both at $439).

Minneapolis ($209), Memphis ($216), Austin ($221), Atlanta ($240), and Charlotte ($247) have the least expensive bills of America’s largest cities.

The report also compiled data on the ten most common monthly bills, which included mortgages, rent, auto loans, auto insurance, health insurance, utilities, and other items.

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