Josh Allen makes young fan’s Christmas wish come true

Child initially snubbed gets phone call of a lifetime

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WROC) — After the Bills’ win against the Chargers on Saturday night, Josh Allen gave his hat to a kid in the stands. It’s something he does after just about every game.

However, standing next to that kid was another holding a sign that said his Christmas wish was for Josh Allen to sign his jersey. That kid was in tears after just missing out and it went viral.

But Allen made up for it with a personal call to that second kid over the weekend.

“I saw the video too,” said Allen. “I obviously remember being in that situation as a kid. I texted [Bills Director of Communications Kevin Kearns], I sent him the clip and I go ‘can we get this kid’s number?’”

“Kevin and our team worked hard to find whoever it was. I gave him a quick call. It doesn’t take too much to do something like that to make a kid’s day or resolve a problem that happened.

When Allen called the kid he apologized for missing him on Saturday night and promised to send some other Bills goodies his way.

The kid when he hung up the phone, still barely believing it had happened told his mom “That was Josh Allen!”

Allen was happy he was able to resolve the situation and turn the negative moment for him into a good one.

“The fact is you can’t make everybody happy. We’ve got things to do,” said Allen. “This even goes back to training camp. I wish I could sit there and sign every single autograph and everything for these kids. But we’ve got jobs to do and sometimes it happens. But I’m just glad I could make it right.”

Allen and the Bills will be back on the field on Sunday, December 31st when they host the New England Patriots.

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