How to spot artificial intelligence-generated content

(WHTM) — In a world where technology is growing, people may come across fake images or even videos of celebrities, politicians, coaches, and more.

These videos are mostly for comedic content, but can also be used as a way to scam people or to make people believe this “real” person said something they never said.

This recently occurred in November 2023 when a sponsored video of “Gordon Ramsay” appeared on TikTok.

This video claimed to show Ramsay telling people they could get 100% off cookware.

The catch: this was not Gordon Ramsay. It was an artificial intelligence (AI) version of Ramsay being used to steal people’s identities.

With the 2024 Presidential election fast approaching, people should be on the lookout for AI versions of any politician. This can include videos, images, or even just the voice of any politician.

According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), the following tips will help you identify if the video or image you see on social media/the internet is AI-generated:

  • Find a high-resolution image and zoom in
  • Look for asymmetry and other physical inconsistencies
  • Strange textures or a glossy effect
  • Look out for strange shadows, blurs, or light flickers
  • Unnatural body language
  • Take a closer listen

The BBB also states that the best ways to verify if the photo/video is real is to check the source, do a reverse image search, and be prepared for change.

AI-generated photos and videos will be swirling around social media for generations to come so it’s best to be prepared and always be on your toes when viewing content on any platform.

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