Here Are 20 Times Musicians Appeared in Christmas Movies: Ludacris, Mariah Carey & More

Festive music and movies are two sides of the same Christmas coin — both are absolutely crucial to fully celebrating the holiday season each year.

Some musicians have tried out both mediums, with credits on both X-mas songs and films. Sometimes, stars will appear as themselves, while others test out their acting chops as fictional characters. Many of those characters are also singers, but occasionally, musicians play people whose gifts are way different from theirs in real life.

There’s Mariah Carey, whose Christmas catalog — namely “All I Want For Christmas” — dominates charts and radio waves every December. But did you know she also once directed and starred in a project for the mother of all holiday TV movie networks, Hallmark? Dolly Parton, too, has been contributing to the Christmas carol canon for decades, but she’s also starred in a stocking-full of holiday films. As have artists from all genres and backgrounds — this list alone includes Ludacris, Whitney Houston, Steven Tyler, Willie Nelson and the Jonas Brothers.

As the days ’til Christmas count down, now’s the time to revisit some favorite classics or cue up something new, movie- and music-wise. And why not press play on something that crosses over both worlds? The season only comes around once a year, and these entertainers have proven they know how to make the most of it by stepping out of their comfort zones and trying something new for the holidays.

Keep reading to see 20 holly jolly movies in which musicians made cameos below:

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