Hellcats & Hip-Hop With Killer Mike, Funkmaster Flex & Chop Towbin | Billboard Roundtable

In celebration of hip-hop’s 50th anniversary, Billboard Deputy Editorial Director Damien Scott sat down with Grammy-nominated rapper Killer Mike, Funkmaster Flex and legendary Dodge dealer Chop Towbin to discuss all things Hellcat, hip-hop and how Dodge made its mark in music history.

Killer Mike
What’s up, I’m Damien Scott from Billboard magazine. I got three of the illest car guys in the world today talking s–t with me.

Damien Scott:
What up, my name is Damian Scott. I’m the deputy editorial director at Billboard. For the 50th anniversary of hip-hop, Billboard and Dodge linked up to celebrate one of the most iconic, hottest cars to ever roll out. To do so we’ve linked up with an amazing cast of people, but before we get to them, I think it’s important to highlight how important the brand of Dodge is and has been to hip-hop, how influential the brand has been for over 100 years. It’s set trends and delivered some of the hottest models I think we can all agree has ever has ever graced the streets.

Let’s just jump in. I’m joined by hip-hop legend and Grammy nominated, congrats, Killer Mike. The guy who soundtracked my life in New York City, the legendary Funkmaster Flex. And one of the biggest Dodge dealers in all the United Statesm Chop Towbin. How did you guys get into cars in the first place?

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